Ink Cartridge Ink - InkTec Ink 100ml and 250ml Bottles

Printer Ink For: Canon, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark inkjet cartridges.

InkTec's Ink cartridge ink has been developed on the base of the 15-year printer ink development know-how, and InkTec has supplied the suitable ink cartridge ink to the large-format printer applying the technology possessed. The Ink cartridge ink has been formulated to produce brilliant, sharp, crisp vibrant true-to-life colours that truly bring your images and photographs to life.

During the manufacturing process of ink cartridge ink, special attention must be paid to the printer head structures and the ink dispersing mechanisms, since these variables directly affect ink flow and can become clogged or corroded, decreasing jettability. Additionally, the condition of the media itself greatly affects the printout quality and can influence sharpness, penetration rates, dry speed, bleeding, color gamut, optical density, water resistance, and lightfastness.

Therefore, using high-quality media is as important as using superior ink cartridge ink.

As a part of such efforts, the following factors were analyzed in the research and development of the best ink cartridge ink. All manufactured ink batches are objectively monitored for quality control.



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