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Learn how to refill ink cartridges using our InkTec ink refill. Ink cartridge recycling not only helps the environment but it is a great way for you to save money as well if you don’t mind taking the time to refill cartridges yourself. If ink refill is handled correctly during the refilling process and filled with quality ink, there is no reason ink cartridge should not perform well. There should be no difference in print quality compared to a new ink cartridge. Initially, you’ll need to purchase ink refill for each different type of printer you use but after you finished the ink refill ink that was included in your ink refill usually last four to eight refills your can purchase printer ink in bottles from us and this gives you even bigger savings.

There are a few things that can go wrong when you use ink refill to refill the ink cartridge. If the ink cartridge is mishandled, you can ruin the print head and render the cartridge not working. If the ink cartridge ink you buy is not made for your specific cartridge, it may clog the print head and render it inoperative or you can spill the printer ink everywhere if you’re not careful.

There is one thing you should consider when you decide to refill cartridges that ink cartridges are not designed to last forever specially Dell, HP, Lexmark and some Canon cartridges that have print head build into the cartridge. After a several ink refills you should replace the old ink cartridge with a brand-new one, which can then be refilled again when it is empty.



All Ink Refills Are Listed According To The Cartridge Number. 

To find the cartridge number open your printer and look at the Top of your cartridge there should be number like: 5 (PGI-5), 8 (CLI-8), 37 (PG-37), 60, 60XL, 510 (PG-510), 511 (CL-511), 520 (PGI-520), 521 (CLI-521), 564, 564XL etc.

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