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Refillable Epson ink cartridges with auto reset chip are very easy to refill

The recent model genuine Epson ink cartridges are not suitable for refilling. Epson have made the refilling as difficult as possible for the most current Epson ink cartridges and chips.

If you want to refill any recent Epson 73, 73N, 81N, 82N, 103, T132, T133, T138, T140 etc ink need refillable ink cartridges. These ink cartridges make refilling Epson cartridges not only possible...but also very easy...       

These refillable ink cartridges are designed specifically for refilling. Refilling is as generally as easy as removing a rubber plug from the top, squirting in a syringe full of ink and fitting the plug back in. Can't get any easier than that...

They are supplied with auto-resetting (ARC) ink level chips, to solve the Epson ink monitor issues. You don't need a chip resetter or any other software/hardware to reset the ink levels. ARC chips reset automatically, when an "empty" cartridge is removed from printer and installed back in (with power ON). The reset technology is built into the cartridge chips and does it all for you. Latest version of (some) refillable ARC cartridges/chips come with a miniature battery included on the chip to enable ARC function in current model Epson printers.

The recent Epson refillable ink cartridges use completely different internal design. They are now self priming, so refilling is even easier than it used to be.

Here are some of the features of refillable Epson cartridges:

  • Very easy to refill - time and time again
  • Fill hole and plug already in place - no drilling necessary
  • Auto-reset chip fitted
  • Self sealing ink exit valve prevents ink leaking out and air getting in after refilling
  • Sponge-less construction reduces air locks and foaming up of ink
  • See through design lets you see exactly how much ink there is inside

Very important:

Refillable Auto-reset cartridges MUST BE FITTED AS A SET... will not  work mixed with other compatible or genuine Epson cartridges!  Installing refillable and Epson cartridges at the same time can damage the chips! You should also disable software updates from Epson - to prevent any future cartridge compatibility issues !!!

Epson chip problems...

Cartridge chip recognition is a continuing problem with some late model Epson printers. Epson is at regular intervals changing the chip recognition firmware - to discourage the use of non-genuine ink cartridges or refilling empty Epson cartridges. To fight this, compatible and refillable ink cartridge chip engineers have to repeatedly update the chip firmware in line with the Epson updates. This causes a higher price for these cartridges due to the additional re-development, manufacturing and replacing out of date chips but is beneficial to the end users (you).

It's impossible for the compatible chip manufacturers to predict - when Epson will release the next update, let alone to compensate for it in advance. Because Epson can (and does) sneak their changes in with not only new printer releases and later manufactured batches of current printer models, but even in older printers registered for "software updates", there's no way for anyone to predict what chip will work in any Epson printer.

Our Recommendation:

Disable your automatic software updates from Epson - to reduce chip compatibility issues. If you installed the printer drivers already and ticked "ALLOW UPDATES" can DISABLE future updates by either uninstalling printer software, then re-installing same (ticking "DECLINE UPDATES" in the process) or by changing the settings in "Driver updates" on the "Maintenance" page under "Printer properties". This will not remove any current update, but will prevent future updates.


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