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Refillable ink cartridges for HP printers are very easy to refill

HP Ink cartridges are completely transparent, unlike genuine HP ink cartridges. This makes it easy to check the ink levels and there's less chance of overfilling the tanks and making a mess (you can see what you're doing).

An important feature of refillable ink cartridges is the "ink level" chip. Refillable HP ink cartridges come fitted with ARC (auto-reset chips).

ARC chips reset automatically - when a cartridge is removed from the printer. The reset technology is built into the ARC chips, so you can reset a chip to full. Very Clever stuff! On the negative some models the ARC chips also reset, when the printer is switched off. So - unless you always leave your printer powered on, ARC ink levels may reset (to full) even if you don't refill them, so it is more difficult to keep track of the actual ink levels.

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