Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges come in a selection of colours and make our prints look extraordinarily sharp and easily readable with a great level of clarity. Toner cartridges are utilized in all laser printers. Laser printers contain cartridges full of toner as a printing material. The black toner is a little less expensive than the coloured toners. A laser scans across the outer surface of an OPC drum that revolves, and flashes off and on to make a dot on the drum that's got a different polarity to the remainder of the drum.

This dot draws the toner to it-toner being a mixture of crushed plastic and a colorant. The drum is rolled across a sheet of paper, transferring the toner to the paper. The toner on paper is then heated to roughly 200 degrees Fahrenheit within the laser printer, bonding the toner to the paper giving us high quality smudge proof printout.


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